About Us


We are living in a pandemic time (Covid-19) and almost every house has sick people, parents, family members who are suffering either from a short term or long term chronic/infectious diseases such as dementia, diabetes (T1DM, T2DM), cancer, post-operative trauma, stroke, Parkinson’s, covid-19 etc. Sometimes it is hard to take care of them as we are busy with our office/business and other commitment. On the other hand we don’t have the expertise to deal with them too. Sometimes we live far from parents and they remain unattended which may cause deadly trauma. But it is obvious they need care. So we are here to assist them with our caring hands, support.
We don’t expect your parents to live in an old home rather we believe in social inclusion theory i.e. they will stay with you and stay with family attachment.

To overcome the above mentioned causes and reasons, we came up with a healthcare start up in 2018 named Extra Mile Age Care (EMAC) initiated by two Co-founders who have ample zeal to serve the community. From our company/start up, we provide care givers (CGs), diploma nurses, physiotherapists, health and yoga instructors, mental counsellors at your home to render the services. We provide services based on the need of the patients i.e. from 24/7 to 6 hours per day. We also provide physiotherapist and other medical supports for their need. With the care, we try to take care of the patients (from old to young) and heal their pains and sufferings.

We provide services to aged people on (personal, health, social and home care), neonatal care (newborn baby and mom), and to any sick people of any age. We also provide services to Covid-19 patients at home and in hospitals (details are in our brochure). A good number of doctors are in our pool (dentist, nutritionist, kidney specialist, endocrinology, geriatric, physiotherapist, dementia specialist, heart specialist etc. Our CGs travel to doctors, hospitals with the patients and bring them back home. In our social service part, our CGs take your parents to your friends and family house too to attend social events. Our services are monthly to fortnight/weekly basis.

So overall, we are here to mitigate all sorts of health maintenance for you and your family. Just call us once you need.

Since 2018


  • Currently in Dhaka (all major area) and partly in Chittagong/Cumilla
  • Total patient served until April, 2021: 215 persons
  • No of customer/patients served: 40-50 every month
  • Roughly 30% patients take continual service from us since 2018.
    Number of Staff (8 full/ 52 part time)
  • We have a pool of Care Givers-more than 100 pax
  • Physiotherapy at home (For any one)
  • COVID patients in both home and hospital (24/7)

Our Mission

Today we are all very busy with our lives and livelihoods. Due to the negative effects of social and economic change and globalization, our lives and livelihoods are not fixed in one place. Due to socialization, economic advancement and globalization our life and also our livelihood is not stable.
Both of them are now busy with various activities. Despite wanting to, we are not able to give time to our parents who are already in old age and suffering from various physical, mental exhaustion, loneliness and various kinds of illnesses.
Many are unable to keep up with their parents due to lack of time or busyness in the job business or many are unable to serve their parents due to being away. To solve this problem, we have created a team of “Extra Mile Age Care’’ or EMAC. Our skilled service staff will go door-to-door service to make your dear parents or close relatives colorful every day with pure love, loyalty,
sincerity, respect, affection and love.


Affordable healthy living for all.


Razzak Plaza, Suite-04 (8th Floor), 2 Shahid Tazuddin Soroni, Moghbazar Circle, P/S: Ramna, Dhaka-1217

Monday to Friday : 9am – 8pm

Saturday : 10am – 7pm

Sunday : 10am – 6pm